Joint Ventures & Partnership

Today’s business climate often requires more than a traditional customer/vendor relationship; as such, FLN forms new partnerships and joint ventures to address specific business needs.


Proflex Canada


Proflex Canada is a producer of compressed molding parts located in Quebec. Proflex Canada required market access throughout Southeast Asia and at the same time sought offshore capabilities to lower its domestic production costs.

Realizing that this required more than a simple supplier/subcontractor relationship, Proflex Canada pursued a partnership strategy. Among the key criteria established for selecting the ideal partner organization:

After significant due diligence, Proflex Canada entered into joint venture agreement with FLN to create Proflex Indonesia: a manufacturer of thermoformed products to Indonesia’s leading carmakers and a supplier of subcomponents back to Proflex Canada.

PT. Varia Baru


Varia Baru, a leading national distributor of automotive accessories, with a network of over one hundred dealers serving direct retail customers throughout Indonesia.

Varia Baru selected FLN as its leading supplier of product to a number of its wholesale customers throughout Indonesia.

PT. Elegant Indonesia


Elegant Indonesia, a manufacturer of custom leather seat covers, chose FLN for a comprehensive set of deliverables in delivering its products to several well-established automotive manufacturers in Indonesia.


Partnerships like these illustrate the successful history that FLN has in developing agreements and achieving common business goals that produce greater benefits to both parties.

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