PT Frina Lestari Nusantara (FLN) is a leading manufacturer of plastic products within Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. Our manufacturing capabilities include plastic extrusion blow molding, acrylic compression molding, plastic injection molding, and vacuum forming processes. These products can be further combined with metals, glass, or wood. FLN also offers additional finishing processes including automated paint line, sanding, buffing, bending, welding, and assembly to create ready-to-deliver finished products for you or your customers.


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FLN offers subcontract or full service manufacturing, from design and prototyping up to delivery.

Offshore ISO certified contract or full service manufacturing in Indonesia, Southeast Asia

Product Design

FLN features complete design services, starting from either a basic sketch or idea or simply refining an existing product design.

Offshore industrial design and product prototyping services in Indonesia, Southeast Asia

Marketing, Sales & Distribution

FLN can help you position your products within one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world.

Sales, marketing and distribution channels within Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia

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